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Cam's Coffee creates gainful employment opportunities for individuals with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities are part of every community. Our goal is to bring awareness to the employment needs of this community. Individuals like Cam (who suffers from a traumatic brain injury) deserve a safe and supportive environment that includes gainful employment and life training skills.



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Nine year-old Cam suffers from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). His injury causes both cognitive and physical delays. As he aged, he became increasingly aware of his shortcomings, and his self-esteem suffered greatly.

In an effort to elevate his strengths, Cam's family started a pop-up style coffee business. This occasional pop-up allowed Cam to experience meaningful social interactions, learn math skills, and practice goal setting. This quickly empowered Cam with the knowledge that he is a person of value, and that he adds value to everyone with whom he interacts.

From there, Cam's Coffee was born. Today, with support from our community, we are the first organization to create gainful employment opportunities specifically for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities in the Winston-Salem area. Check out our wide range of coffee blends that help support this very important community.

Since its opening in 2017, Cam's Coffee has helped six individuals earn gainful employment and life skills training by serving a great cup of coffee. With your help, our goal is to hire six more employees by the Fall of 2018.

Check out Cam's Coffee featured in the News:

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